Is the EU Closing the Gap on Health Inequities?

Is the EU Closing the Gap on
Health Inequities?

The World Health
Organization and European Union (EU) DETERMINE Consortium has acknowledged gaps
in health equities within and between member countries. A variety of efforts
are underway to help close those gaps.

To prepare for this
Discussion, review your Learning Resources, particularly the readings from the
DETERMINE Consortium and European Commission and the National Social Marketing
Centre video programs. Select two EU countries to focus on. Look at efforts in
those countries designed to reduce health inequities and inequality and examine
appropriate outcomes for those efforts. Evaluate the performance of the health
systems in those countries as reflected in population health data for each of
the countries. Be sure to access the CIA country profiles and WHO websites
provided earlier for the most current resources.

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By Day 4, post a brief comparison
of the health status of the two EU countries you selected with that of the U.S.
Then, describe two efforts in those EU countries to reduce health inequities,
the outcome measures used to evaluate those efforts, and how those efforts
embody the EU’s fundamental principles for action on health disparities.
Finally, explain what lessons can be learned from the EU efforts you selected
that can be implemented in the U.S. nationally or by individual states.

Use APA formatting for your
discussion and to cite your resources.

(DISCUSSION) IS DUE TOMORROW. THE SECOND PART (Journal Article Critique) is due

Journal Article

Critiquing scholarly research
is an important skill for a scholar-practitioner. This week, you find an
article related to health equity in one or more countries of the European

To prepare for this
Application Assignment, select a scholarly article related to this week’s topic
(Is the EU Closing the Gap on Health Inequities?)

To complete this Application
Assignment, write a 1- to 2-page critique of the article you selected. The
first section will draw attention to substantive issues of the work. Subsequent
sections should provide an in-depth critique of the methodological
considerations of the journal article. This should not be a simple overview of
the article, but a thoughtful analysis of the scholarly work and how it relates
to the overall course or the specific weekly topic.

Your written assignments must
follow APA guidelines. Be sure to support your work with specific citations
from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as
appropriate. Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

Resources: Additional case
studies of social determinants are available at


•Article: Commission of the
European Communities. (2007). Together for health: A strategic approach for the
EU 2008-2013 [White paper]. Retrieved from

Together For Health: A Strategic Approach For
The EU 2008-2013: White Paper by Commission of the European Communities.
Copyright 2007 by European Union. Reprinted by permission of European Union.

•Article: European
Commission. (2003). Tackling health inequalities in the EU: The contributions
of Various EU-level actors. Retrieved from

European Commission. (2003).
Tackling Health Inequalities in the EU: The Contributions of Various EU-level
Actors. Retrieved February 16, 2011, from

Read pages 1–17.

•Article: Gele, A., &
Harsløf, I. (2010). Types of social capital resources and self-rated health
among the Norwegian adult population. International Journal for Equity in
Health, 9, 8.

Retrieved from the Walden Library using the
PubMed Central database.

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