Compare the national goals and midcourse review with the goals and midcourse review of the state

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Tracking Progress in Healthy People 2010 Across the Country

As you have learned in your previous courses, Healthy People 2010 identifies health objectives for the nation. Most states have adapted these objectives to the particular needs of their populations. How well are the public health organizations in this country meeting these objectives? One way to assess their progress is to review the data on the Healthy People 2010 Web site as well as on a state’s counterpart site.

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To prepare for this assignment:

Select one of the 28 focus areas of Healthy People 2010 and review the objectives for it at

Read the midcourse review for that health condition at

Do a search to find out if your state has adapted Healthy People 2010 objectives and has provided a midcourse review. (If your state does not have its own adapted version of Healthy People 2010 with midcourse reviews, locate and use those of Iowa.)

Compare the national goals and midcourse review with the goals and midcourse review of the state.

With this in mind, write a one to one-and-half page paper addressing the following:

Very briefly describe the health problem.

In what ways, if any, has the goal been adjusted by the state?

Summarize the current progress that has been made toward meeting the targets, both nationally and in your state.

Summarize also one of the main challenges so far in meeting any of the targets.


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