question 1.: Create service delivery strategies.Directions

Strategy can take several forms. Healthcare organizations will use directional strategy, adaptive strategy, market entry strategy, and/or competitive strategy at any time. How do these strategies aid in achievement of a higher-level strategy? Using APA 6th edition format, write a two page paper summarizing the rationale behind each of the strategic alternatives. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the strategic alternatives. Include at least two references.

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question 2.Adaptive Strategic Alternatives

This assignment will assess Competency 6: Determine the link between action plans, budget, and strategy.


Making decisions about the type or scope of operations is an adaptive strategy. This would be how a healthcare organization decides to recommend expansion, reduction or maintaining operations. Using APA 6th edition format, write a two page paper discussing adaptive strategic alternatives for a healthcare organization. Summarize the importance that the strategy selected needs to fit the situation. Include at least two references.

question 3. Strategy to Action Plan

This assignment will assess Competency 6: Determine the link between action plans, budget, and strategy.


The strategy selection is complete: now the organization must implement the strategy into an action plan. What budgetary impact could be involved in this process? Using APA 6th edition format, write a two page paper describing some of the difficulties involved in converting strategy into an action plan within a healthcare organization. Discuss some of the effective ways to overcome barriers when implementing an action plan. Include at least two references

question 4. Research Paper

. develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan based on a health care facility of your choice.Please make every attempt to present your paper using APA writing style guidelines

Here are some tips for writing your paper:

Internal Data:

  • A good place to find internal data would be in the organization’s annual report.
  • These annual reports are public information so you will not be working with any “private” information.
  • Some annual reports give financial data for multiple years. This is ideal because you can then calculate trends.
  • Check to see whether the facility publishes their annual report on their web site.
  • Some organizations publish annual reports from a few years, so if one report does not include past year data, you can get it by researching past year annual reports.
  • You may find other documents on the web site that will help you with your internal analysis.

External Data:

  • External data is not specific to any one facility, so this shouldn’t be difficult to find.
  • City, county, and chamber of commerce web sites would be a good place to start.

Strategic Planning Paper Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Internal Analysis
  • System Background
  • The Management Team
  • Trends/Issues
  • Organizational Culture
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • External Analysis
  • General Environment
  • Trends/Issues
  • The local health care market; the general external market
  • Payor mix
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Mission, Vision, Values and Goals statements
  • The Future
  • Services to increase, decrease, maintain, end, or start
  • Organizations outlook: Changes in financial status or operations, changes in human resources, changes in organizational structure
  • Brief Summary
  • Summary of what your plan proposes and why
  • Argument of why and how the organization will be better off for following your plan

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