Factors that may add “life to your years” includecontrolling stress

Question 222 points Save Clean, safe, water and improved sanitation have contributed tocontrol of infectious disease.better governmental social control.better studies of the population’s drinking habits.cancer causing microorganisms.Question 232 points Save The number of new cases of an illness each year is referred to asprevalence.incidence.mortality.morbidity.Question 242 points Save The usual number of cases of an illness occurring in the United States would be reported as theprevalence.incidence.mortality.morbidity.Question 252 points Save One reason women have not been included in clinical drug trials isbecause two separate trials for men and women would be needed.concern about how a medication would affect a fetus or childbearing capabilities.problems with recruiting women to be involved with the studies.women tend to drop out of studies.Question 262 points Save The Women’s Health Initiative is a study focusing onthe health of women of all ages.the leading causes of death for young women.the leading causes of death for postmenopausal women.the disease rates in women of all ages.Question 272 points Save The first leading cause of death for young adults (ages 15-24) in the United States isunintentional injuries.homicide.suicide.cancer.Question 282 points Save The leading cause of death for Americans isaccidents.cancer.heart disease.suicide.Question 292 points Save Factors that may add “life to your years” includecontrolling stress.viewing mistakes as an opportunity to grow.maintaining relationships with family and friends.all of theseQuestion 302 points Save Life experiences, knowledge, family background, beliefs, and values are examples ofenabling factors.reinforcing factors.motivational factors.predisposing factors.Question 312 points Save Leisa grew up in a physically active family. Now that Leisa lives on her own, they continually check on her to see if she is exercising and praise her for joining a fitness club. This is an example ofa predisposing factor.a confirming factor.a reinforcing factor.an enabling factor.Question 322 points Save A high membership cost at a local gym might serve as aprimary motivator.positive enabler.secondary motivator.negative enabler.Question 332 points Save A good example of an enabling factor isliving near a walking path when you want to begin a walking program.nagging your parents because they smoke.encouraging your spouse to go to the fitness club with you.having friends who exercise.Question 342 points Save Actions that increase susceptibility to negative health outcomes arehealth promotion activities.disease prevention activities.exposure factors.risk behaviors.Question 352 points Save An adolescent smoker might think lung cancer only happens to old people. This is an example of which construct of the Health Belief Model?perceived seriousnessperceived susceptibilitycues to actiondemographic variablesQuestion 362 points Save A stable set of beliefs and feelings isa belief.an attitude.motivation.a conviction

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