When analyzing personal behavior, consider all of the following

Question 372 points Save Observing a friend’s successful attempts to quit smoking in order to help yourself quit smoking is an example ofconforming.shaping.envy.modeling.Question 382 points Save According to the Theory of Planned Behavior, subjective normsare not linked to our behavioral intentions.can have a strong positive or negative impact on our behavioral intentions.comprise what we think about the effects of our actions.relate to our beliefs about the constraints on our behaviors.Question 392 points Save When applying the strategy of shaping to behavior change, one shouldset very demanding goals for oneself.only reward oneself when reaching the main goal.use small achievable steps.expect this strategy to provide immediate success.Question 402 points Save Going out for dinner as a reward for finishing a big project is an example of a(n) ________ type of reinforcer.activitypossessionalconsumablesocialQuestion 412 points Save Lower health insurance rates for non-smokers is an example of a/an ________ type of reinforcer.possessionalmanipulativesocialactivityQuestion 422 points Save Not allowing yourself to think about getting stage fright and only focusing on the words when preparing to do a speech would be an example ofrational emotive therapy.blocking/thought stopping.self-instruction.self-threats.Question 432 points Save All of the following would be good advice for changing a behavior except:Understand your behavior.Make several major changes at the same time.Build in support and reinforcement.Plan for setbacks.Question 442 points Save When analyzing personal behavior, consider all of the following except:the frequency of the problem behavior.what your partner thinks of your behavior.the duration of the behavior.your perceived seriousness of the problem behavior.Question 452 points Save In order to change problem behaviorsset realistic goals.try to change all negative behaviors at the same time.have a counselor decide which behavior to work on.consider the possible negative outcomes.it will cost money.Question 462 points Save Many athletes use this strategy to visualize attainment of goals.coachingimagined rehearsalathletic imageryvicarious performanceQuestion 472 points Save A strategy for overcoming the obstacle of stress could includeseeking emotional support.identifying sources of stress.finding constructive ways to deal with stress.all of theseQuestion 483 points Save When setting realistic goals, considerif the behavior change is attainable.the potential outcomes.services that may be of help in achieving the goal.all of theseQuestion 493 points Save Rational-emotive therapy principles applied to behavior change includeshaping.self-talk.punishment.enabling.

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