Health education for elementary school students is best described as which of the following levels of prevention?

Question 12 points Save The definition of “health” includesabsence of illness.physical fitness.mental and social well-being.all of theseQuestion 22 points Save In the early 1900s, the leading causes of death in the United States wereaccidents.infectious diseases.chronic diseases.natural disasters.Question 32 points Save In 1947, the ________ clarified that “health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being, not just the absence of disease or infirmity.”U.S. Department of Health ServicesInternational Health, Education, and Welfare AssociationWorld Health OrganizationUnited NationsQuestion 42 points Save Wellness is best defined asa static process.a dynamic dimensional.unrelated to one’s environment.Question 52 points Save Life expectancy in the United States has increased significantly since the early 1900s because ofless war and violence.better advances in sanitation and medical care.a more diverse population.globalization issues.Question 62 points Save Today’s major health issues and leading causes of death are primarily influenced bythe physical environment.access to health care.genetics and family history.behavior and lifestyles.Question 72 points Save The dimensions of physical health include all of the following except:activities of daily living.ability to think clearly.body shape and size.sensory acuity.Question 82 points Save Mortality statistics describeillness rates.accident rates.chronic disease rates.death rates.Question 92 points Save Jill has many friends, is respected by her co-workers, and maintains a great relationship with her boyfriend. Her ability to interact with others is an example of this dimension of health.socialintellectualemotionalphysicalQuestion 102 points Save Efficacy, trust, love, self-esteem, and self confidence are all part of which dimension of health?socialintellectualphysicalemotionalQuestion 112 points Save Spiritual health could best be described asexclusive to religiosity.optional for achieving wellness.related to one’s purpose in life.finding fulfilling relationships.Question 122 points Save Emotional health can best be described asbeing able to be self-sufficient and self confident.being able to problem solve emotional problems.being able to express as well as control feelings.being able to adapt to various social situations.Question 132 points Save In 1990, the U.S. Surgeon General proposed a plan for promoting the health status of individuals and groups. Today, the plan has evolved intoHealthy People 2010.The Nation’s Health Report.U.S. News & World Report.Morbidity and Mortality Report.Question 142 points Save Health promotioninvolves social justice aimed at health care for all Americans.refers to informational campaigns about health.includes organizational and financial supports to promote health.focuses on curing illness and disease.Question 152 points Save Behaviors that increase susceptibility to negative health outcomes arecues to action.risk behaviors.precipitating behavioral factors.reinforcing positive behaviors.Question 162 points Save Effective health promotion programsonly look to change negative behaviors.are primarily educational.encourage those with sound health habits to maintain them.can’t do much to change health related individual attitudes.Question 172 points Save Taking positive action now to avoid becoming sick later is known ashealth intervention.prevention.tertiary care.attitude adjustment.Question 182 points Save An example of secondary prevention isreceiving the flu vaccine.flossing your teeth.practicing safe sex.joining a smoking cessation program.Question 192 points Save Health education for elementary school students is best described as which of the following levels of prevention?primarysecondarytertiaryinitialQuestion 202 points Save An exercise and healthy eating plan to recover from coronary bypass surgery is an example ofhealth promotion.secondary prevention.tertiary prevention.primary prevention.Question 212 points Save Recognition of tobacco as a health hazard isnot yet established by science.only true for people who of the ten greatest public health achievements of the twentieth century.only important for young people

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