DNA Technology in Laboratory Medicine

It is just 4 questions in file attachment

i studied bachelor of biology in Saudi Arabia before 3 years

and i did not work

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could you assist me to answer these questions in word document

per question 4 or 5 lines

I interest PCR technic

I want it in 3 or 4 hours

Thank you

Document Preview:

Topic 1. “DNA Technology in Laboratory Medicine”

This topic will be explored in an interactive online discussion format. The subject matter of “Molecular Basis of Disease” will focus mainly on DNA technology and its applications to disease, both in diagnostic and research areas. This first topic is therefore designed as an introduction to the unit and as a forum to discuss the impact that this technology is having in the laboratory.

The following questions are posed as a general starting point for the discussion. We don’t have to limit the discussion to only these questions; we could go down a related path, depending on interest.

1. What is your background in undergraduate molecular biology (theoretical) and work-based laboratory experience in DNA techniques ? Many of you will have a varied background in these areas, ranging from very little (none?) to moderate. It would be beneficial for the discussion if everyone could share their experience (or lack of) with the other students in the class.

2. How important is this field in diagnostic laboratories at the present time, and how important do you think it will be in the near future (3 to 5 years time) ? DNA technology has increased in the work-place, however the degree of increase could vary greatly depending on the particular work environment. What are your observations on the place of this technology in your environment? Are there plans for further implementation of this technology in the near future ? (Please note: you are not expected to research this question, it should be based on general knowledge or workplace observations, etc.)

3. What particular aspects/applications of DNA technology do you find most interesting / relevant ?

4. What would you specifically like to learn from this subject ? DNA technology and its application to disease is a very broad topic. The rapid increase of knowledge in this area can be quite bewildering. Thus it is easy to feel uncomfortable with…


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