need help with consumer behavior 4

pls finish all those 3 tasks
April 16, 2021
Have illnesses become so complex that we need to be “experts” in one specific system?
April 16, 2021… Watch video and answer questions

  1. The atmospherics in the “Jill” stores differ from that of other Best Buy stores. How do these differences relate to gender differences in shopping behaviors and satisfaction?
  2. What role does the Geek Squad play in Best Buys’ customer centricity approach? How does this service affect the consumer’s purchase decision? What are the risks involved?
  3. When considering time as an important situational factor, how does Best Buy try to increase consumer product knowledge, number of purchases, and satisfaction within the in-store experience?
  4. Based on the store image components discussed in Chapter 17, how do you feel Buy Best is doing on these dimensions? Explain.

Please integrate/apply/cite concepts/theories from the textbook to substantiate your views.


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