Nanotechanology treatment of liver cancer

choose the tittle ” Nanotechanology treatment of liver cancer “

please follow instruction , send you attachment that is guide line how to do that assignment part 1 and part 2. It must be done by April 20 .
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I choose the tittle ” Nanotechanology treatment of liver cancer ”

Choose a subject within one of the following subtopics of nanotechnology: Quantumdots, nanofabrication, transistors and nanoscience, nanowires and nanowire assemblies, nanomaterials in medicine (nanomedicine), photonic devices and nanoscience, biomieticsand nanoscience, carbon nanomaterials. You subject should be reasonably specific suchthat it refers to a subclass of nanomaterials for one application, or one nanomaterial in thecontext of several applications. For example: magnetic nanoparticles in MRI, graphene innanoelectronics, quantum dot solar cells, nanoparticle superlattices, biomineralized nanostructures, nanowire sensors etc.

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Part I: Presentation
The presentation format will be a PDF, and can be prepared as a power point (PPT, or Keynote) type presentation. The presentation will be 10-15 minutes. A good guideline is 1 minute per slide (10-15 slides).

Part II: Brief
Research the topic in order to produce a comprehensive brief. The brief should be 1500-2000 words, about 5-6 pages, including diagrams (references should be and appendicescan be included, but the body text should not exceed 2000 words). How the brief iswritten will depend on the task. Use all available resources, such as the library, internet,lecture material, research articles. You must give a background to the field, and give anexplanation of the underlying nanomaterial or aspect of nanoscience. Describe therelevant properties (e.g. electronic properties) in relation to the technological application, discuss the materials and devices, concerns, limitations and competing forms of technology. Be clear about what part of this topic relates to nanotechnology.

Guide line…
Make your presentations clear and concise, following general guidelines for
presentations. Do not use very small or unreadable texts or very poor quality images. One good rule: do not put things on a slide (e.g. equations, diagrams) you do not understand…

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