Evaluate the performance of all members of the health team

50 word response to classmate main post in your own words

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50 words response to classmate main post in your own words.
Jubelin Ramirez Velasquez

The quality in healthcare involves the application of science, knowledge, studies and medical technology which could guarantee the safety of the patient or the improvement of the health of the patients, e.g. the quality health care means doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right people that is why it is important that the service quality be establish for any healthcare organization. According to “Chapter 2” (2008) stated, quality health care is care that is:
Effectiveness: The degree in which achieved improvements of the care are processed, in relation to the current development of the technology, based on scientific knowledge.
Timely: Reducing wait times of the patients, before they are attended to.
Efficiency: Relationship between the real impact of a service or program and its cost of production.
Accessibility: It is the ability of a user to get the services they need, when and where they need it, in sufficient quantity and at a reasonable cost.
Equitable: providing the same service to the patient regardless of its features or physical characteristics such as gender, culture or ethics.
? Evaluate the performance of all members of the health team (staff keep abreast with the medicine’s knowledge)
? Assess the institution where the assistance is provided or is available (equipment  and medicine)
? To assess health problems or disease that is passing though the population (if it’s a virus, be careful and study it to provide a fast and efficient service)
Patients are different from other customers because patients are those who directly receive clinical services/products, or a healthcare service; that is why in healthcare, patients are primary customers. All patients are customers, but not all customers are patients….

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