Information Technology in Health care

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50 words using your on word to response the classmate main post.
Tammarra Jackson
Information technology allows allows health care providers to collect, store, retrieve,
and transfer information electronically. Similar terms can be used to define different products, and the exact functions of a system will depend on the specifics of its implementation in a given setting.  For example, IT can be used for entering changes in medication and communicating to other physicians medical history of the patient. It can also be used for billing, bar codes for prescription, security system and even for patient registration. Organization would find IT very useful to find strategies to improve quality care.

IT has its disadvantages, for a sophisticated system it can be expensive to own. Organization need to make sure they generate enough revenue to operate the system. Let’s not forget technology is for ever advancing so they will be upgrades and time to adapt to the system. While adapting to the new way of working there will be technical difficulties and medical facilities do not have the downtime. Another big issue is security, there is the scare of information being leaked to the public and allow hackers easy access to the information. Just like anything that helps a business to succeed there are disadvantages and advantages and the organization need to have a plan for it.

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