How might the caregiver improve communication in a way that would promote patient compliance?

CheckPoint: Patient Compliance
Resource: Appendix D
Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum
Read the scenarios in Appendix D and answer the following questions for each scenario:
What patient compliance issues are evident in this scenario?
What communication problems are contributing to the patientÂ’s lack of compliance?
How might the caregiver improve communication in a way that would promote patient compliance?

Document Preview:

Axia College Material
Appendix D

Patient Compliance Scenarios

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Scenario 1—Asthma

Dr. Ward is explaining an asthma regimen to Carolyn’s mother.

“She will have to take this medicine twice a day and carry this other inhaler in case of emergencies.”

The mother starts to ask questions about the medication, but the doctor’s phone rings. He excuses himself and is engrossed in a serious conversation about a medical situation. Carolyn’s mother continues to dress the child, as the examination is over. After a few minutes, she tries to get the doctor’s attention to complete the conversation.

“I am not sure that I understand what you have told us to do.” she says quietly.

He looks up, hands her the prescriptions, and places his hand over the telephone, saying, “Here are the prescriptions. Call me if you have any further questions.”

When Carolyn’s mother returns home, she throws the prescriptions away and calls to set up an appointment with another doctor, who does not have any openings until the following month.

Scenario 2—The Dentist

Eden is a new college graduate looking for her first corporate job. At the dentist, she talks about having her teeth whitened so she can make a good impression for her interview, which is scheduled a week from today.

“Hi, Dr. Element, I was hoping to get my teeth whitened today.” Eden says.

“Eden,” says Dr. Element, “put this request into perspective. You come here every three months because your dental hygiene is not as good as it should be. You always have plaque, and I bet you seldom use the water pick that I gave you.”

Eden immediately thinks to herself, “You mean the water pick you made me get,” but responds to the doctor with, “Well, I am awfully busy, and…”

Before Eden can finish, the doctor interrupts, saying, “Always looking for the quick fix, Eden. I am disappointed in you. Use your water pick every day until the next visit, and then we can talk about it.”

Eden left the dentist…


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