Explain in detail how Marston’s four-step approach can be used to shape public opinion on the story you researched for the first e-Activity

  • Communications professor John Marston proposed a four-step model of the process through which public relations can influence public opinion. These steps include research, action, communication, and evaluation. Explain in detail how Marston’s four-step approach can be used to shape public opinion on the story you researched for the first e-Activity.
  • Businesses choose celebrities to endorse their products for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, some of these celebrities act in ways that generate a lot of negative publicity for themselves and, by extension, for the sponsors who pay them. In the case of the celebrity you researched in the second e-Activity, explain in detail what actions you would take in this situation and why you would take them.


When we think about Prof. John Marston’s proposed four-step model of the process through Public relations can influence public opinion which his steps were, Research, action, communication, and evaluation. I think about how much we are influenced by the medai. I think that because of public relations that is where we all start our own opinions, but we have to ask our selves are they really our own, or do we just like a new product becuase we see a lot of celbraties using them or wanting them. I think that Marston’s four -step model shapes the public opinion more than we realize. It always makes me laugh when I see someone who clearly is all for being an individual but yet they have to have all of the latest modern toys.

For the e-activity I researched the store Victoria Secreat, now I live in a college town so it has just seemed to me like everyone has to have every type of clothing that they sell, from the winter clothing, bags and to their swim wear. I think that woman look to the models and see’s how flawless they look and then thinks to themselves that if they buy the same clothes or bags that they will look the same way. Lastly I think that the models for Victoria secreat dont really act bad, but they give younger girls a wrong idea of what your body has to look like. The models are on very strict diets and they have to stay under a certain BMI, and normaly that number is not healthy for them at all. They have all of these beautiful tans and big wings, Younger girls look at them and then of course want to be like them and look like them but at the end of the day it can cause bigger problems with teens and younger girls haveing eating disorders.

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I think that in order to stay in the public light and to have the majority of people saying nice things about you, you have to stay humble and ready to defend yourself. Tiger Woods made a mistake, and because of that a lot of people didnt want him to be the face of their brand or comapany, in the public eye you have to be able to keep what needs to be private and whats public, public. But at the end of the day the most important thing to remeber is that there is always someone watching, and when you are as famous as he was, people are always going to talk and they are always going to want to put you down to make themselves better.

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