Discuss the concept of incrementalism in public policymaking.

Discuss the impact of health policy on individuals, on health related organizations, and on interest groups.

2, Who are demanders and suppliers of health policies? What motivates each in the political marketplace?

3, Discuss the involvement of interest groups in the political circumstances that affect agenda setting. Incorporate the specific ways they influence agenda setting in your response

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4, What congressional committee are most important to health policy? Briefly describe their roles.

5, Discuss legislative oversight of policy implementation

6, What does it mean to characterized policy implementation as public management?

  1. Discuss the concept of incrementalism in public policymaking.
  2. Describe, in general terms, the operation stage of policy implementation
  3. Discuss the effect of policy on its own implementation
  4. What two major areas of concern do individual share with health-related organization and interest groups regarding policies and the process through are produced? Why are these concerns more easily addressed by organizations and groups than individuals?

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