Discuss mercury in fish and what problems they can cause to human health

chemistry take-home exam, Mostly about water quality and its properties. 617 335 6444 you can call me any time 24/7.

Please write a reference for each answer.
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2012 SU1 NASE 328 Water Quality                                                                             Name _____________________________May Intensive   email final exam                                                                                                               Date ___________________ Select 20 out of the following 25 short questions to answer. They are worth 5 points each. Only the first 20 answered will be graded. Read through all 25 and answer the questions you are most comfortable with first.  You may use class notes, discussions, or the web.  But each question must be given a specific reference.  The reference may be class notes, the field trips or give the specific web site you visited. Points will be deducted if there is no reference.1.  Explain with a diagram how reverse osmosis works.2.   What is the process of biomagnification? Give the cause and an example.3.   Discuss mercury in fish and what problems they can cause to human health. What fish are most dangerous and which are safe?4.  Compare the cost of Cambridge tap water with that of bottled water. Give an advantages and disadvantage of each.5.  Why was it necessary to use both distillation and charcoal filtration to remove the contaminants from drinking water?6.  Describe what is meant by a watershed. Name the two types and give an example.7.  What is GAC?  How is GAC prepared and why?8.  What is the composition of fertilizers and how can they destroy water quality?9.   Describe the acids found in acid rain and their source.  What is the acidity of normal rain?10.  Heavy metals are a serious threat to human health. Describe one heavy metal and the health problems associated with it as well as the source of this metal.11.  What does the US Department of Public Health consider the MOST serious threat to drinking water? What causes this problem?12.  What was used in the field to measure the turbidity of the Sudbury River?  How did this work?13.  What is the difference between a…

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