Describe telemedicine/telehealth technology


Health Care Mgnt/ Med Ifo Sys,1. Define/Describe Client-Server Technology.

2. There are two types of signals, analog and digital, describe each.

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3. What does the term interoperability mean in reference to computer technology and healthcare?

4. Differentiate between the internet, intranet, and extranet

5. Describe telemedicine/telehealth technology

Discussion Question
Data Administrator is a new role for the HIM professional. Using any methods available to you, the internet, journals, weekly/monthly magazines/publications (Advance, For the Record, etc.), your texts, describe 3 other new and expanding roles in the information technology field. Try to find these new roles within the areas of computer technology, data security and the electronic medical record. (HIM Director would not be a new role, but their responsibilities may have expanded. I don’t consider coders to be a new role) Give the title and a short description of what that person would be responsible for. Also tell me where you found your information.

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