Can you think of any fundamental difference between the federal and provincial reports?

In 2001 and 2002, the federal government and a number of provincial governments
established committees or task forces to review health care and make
recommendations for reform. This move clearly indicated that there were issues
across the country in health care policy and delivery. Reviews were conducted
in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and by two committees/commissions at the federal
level. What were the common issues identified by these review bodies? Which
issues differed amongst the review bodies? What action, if any, has been taken
based on the recommendations? Can you think of any fundamental difference
between the federal and provincial reports? Do you consider the creation of
review bodies—which has occurred in Canada numerous times—to be a worthy endeavour?

In recent decades, there have been increasing calls for both accountability of
the health care system and increased involvement of ordinary citizens in
decision making and priority setting. Different kinds of public engagement have
been tried. However, there does not seem to be agreement on exactly what the
role of the public ought to be, nor on the best means of engaging it. Discuss
what you believe to be the benefits of public engagement in health care
decision making, and what the difficulties are in making this engagement
happen. Can you think of a way in which the provincial government could engage
its citizens in decision making? Which decisions do you believe the public
ought to have a say about? Should you have difficulty with the requirements of
this assignment, do not hesitate to contact your tutor to discuss it before you
begin working on it.

Submit your completed
assignment using the Assignment link. Your tutor will evaluate your assignment
for accuracy and completeness, and will thensend it back to you with
comments .

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