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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Conduct a Current Situation Analysis
As part of the design phase for a project that will develop an appropriate patient education program that meets an identified need, issue, or problem for an identified patient population, a Current Situation Analysis must be conducted.

As a part of this analysis, examine your organization, the patient population(s) it serves; the need(s), issue(s), or problem(s) currently faced by the key population(s); and how the organization currently directly educates or addresses these patient populations regarding this current need(s), issue(s), or problem(s).

Utilize the Current Situation Analysis document to prepare this analysis.

Create a 300- to 500-word summary of this document.

Task 4: Conduct a Synthesis of Current Literature on the Primary Issue or Problem Facing Your Identified Patient Population.
Use the University Library to research current information on the physical assessment, physiology/pathophysiology, pharmacology, current treatment guidelines, and education priorities related to your patient population and your identified issue. (THIS IS TO BE A 5 PAGE SYNTHESIS)

Examples of information that you will want to extract from your literature review are:

Evidence-based best practices
Quality indicators
A means for validating assumptions
Successful interventions

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