Coriolis Effect and its implications

Environmental Science Questions

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Describe the following and explain with examples, if needed:
Coriolis Effect and its implications
Ozone layer and its importance to life on earth
Mercury deposition and its health and environmental implications
Photochemical processes with examples
Acid rain and its environmental implications
Two-part question:

Explain the public health significance of air pollution episodes?
Explain why despite significant control efforts, air pollution episodes continue to occur in developed countries.
Two-part question:
Why VOCs are controlled though the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)? Explain.

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Why is smog an extremely difficult pollutant to regulate? Explain.
Two-part question:
Identify the sources of primary and secondary pollutants and describe their significance in the context of air pollution control.
Describe sources of natural air pollution and their air quality significance.
Describe and discuss how weather affects pollution levels mechanically and chemically.
Describe additive, synergistic, and antagonistic interactions associated with human exposures to pollutants. Give examples.