consider the difference between the health of an individual and that of a population


In the first two weeks of this course, you have been asked
to consider the difference between the health of an individual and that of a
population. You have been introduced to concepts of health inequities and
social justice, and how inequalities in health are influenced by the
circumstances in which people grow, live, work, and age. Societies need to
decide if they want to invest in the conditions that can improve health today,
or would rather pay to repair unhealthy bodies tomorrow. Both of those options
have advocates and opponents.

Learning Resources in Weeks 1 and 2 illustrate how
political, social, environmental, and economic forces influence the health of
entire countries. In the remaining weeks of the course, you begin to build a
compelling argument for action to improve the health of your community and your
country. How can you, as a scholar-practitioner, encourage social change and
improve population health at home and abroad?

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This week, you begin your Scholar-Practitioner Project by
writing a narrative highlighting your initial thoughts about population health
and determinants as described in your Learning Resources. Population health,
inequality, inequities, disparities, and determinants may be new concepts and new
terms and, perhaps, even a new way of looking at public health. Consider how
the information presented thus far supports your pre-existing beliefs or causes
you to stop and question beliefs about population health that you had before
you started this class.

To prepare for this Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment,
think about the concepts presented in your Learning Resources during the first
two weeks of this course. Pay particular attention to the videos presented.