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Describe your plan for how you will ensure assessment in your school or center is responsive, flexible, and integrated (Singh, 2013).

After watching the video What is 21st century education? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,include the following reflections in your journal: Part 1: Content/Course Reflection Compare and contrast assessment in 21st century to assessment of the past. What has changed and why? What laws and reform movements have created the change? Describe what important […]

Summarize both the pros and cons of Teaching Strategies GOLD and another portfolio system of your choice (e.g. Lifecubby).

In this era where reporting a child’s progress is a top priority of schools and centers across the nation, portfolios are a supportive, comprehensive alternative approach to report cards and are widely used in early childhood education (Wortham & Hardin, 2016). As leaders in the field, you have the responsibility of ensuring that the proper […]

consider how the specific policy or practice you selected presents an ethical dilemma and how you might resolve it by using Cooper’s ethical decision-making model from the text.

The social environment in which an organization exists influences the way it operates when dealing with clients and employees. Viewing organizational life through the values embedded in its culture can help leaders create and sustain agencies of integrity. Regardless of whether the organization is in the government or nonprofit sector, administrative attention to the organizational […]

Summarizes the historical background of the cultural identifiers and associated controversial topic in K-12 education.

For this assignment, you will submit the final version of your 750-1,000 word research paper on a controversial topic involving a cultural identifier and the implications for K-12 public education. Be sure to consider the feedback provided by your peers and your faculty member on the rough draft you submitted in Topic 4. Using a […]