write an article on the main ideas of kate chopin, leslie norris, and robert louis stevenson’s novels Paper must be at least 750 words.

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the main ideas of kate chopin, leslie norris, and robert louis stevenson’s novels Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Kate Chopin introduces “The Story of an Hour” by telling us that Louise Mallard, the protagonist of the story, has heart trouble (Chopin 2). This is intended to communicate to the readers the fact that any sad news brought to her would trouble her immensely and probably result in her death. A report from a newspaper office says that Brently Mallard, Louise husband, has died in a train accident. In respect to her heart situation, the news should be carefully passed to her. Josephine passes the news to her as gently as possible (Chopin 5).

After receiving the news that her husband is dead, Louise Mallard begins crying and goes upstairs to her room. The author mentions that there was a comfortable chair in the room (Chopin 10). She sits down, and through her window, looks outside. She sees new trees spring to life, smells the sweet scent of approaching rain, and listens to birds sing (Chopin 10). The season is spring, and she notices patches of blue sky appearing. She feels strong emotions growing within her. This part for the story intended to communicate the ideal marriages during this time in history. Looking through her bedroom window, Louise realizes several things she had not seen before. It is arguable that just like the season. it is a new spring in her life. Moreover, the fact that through her window, new trees burst to life, her personality, too, is bursting to a new life. The author mentioned a comfortable seat in the room to indicate that Louise is comfortable with her newly born life. The fact that her husband has died, indicates that she has a new freedom, and is comfortable in her new state.

Independence was a forbidden pleasure in the nineteenth marriages according to this story. It was only imaginable privately. Louise receives the news of her husband’s death with grief. However, alone, she begins realizing that she is an independent woman, an imagination that excites and enlivens her. She views the rest of her life and absolutely hers, and her newly found independent as the core of her life. She even turns to prayer hoping for a long and joyful life. It is arguable that women were not happy with the presence of their husbands. However, Louise confesses that she loved her husband, and he loved her too. She states that he looked at her with loving eyes. With this confession, the author intended to communicate that, even with the kindest marriages were inherently oppressive. With the death of her husband therefore, she is relieved from oppression. With the realization that her husband was not dead, Louise collapses and dies. It is arguable that Brently snatches Louise newly born independence way and puts it out of her reach once again. The forbidden joy, therefore, disappears as soon as it had been achieved, though its last taste is enough to result in her death.

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