Write a 8 pages paper on sleepmore mattress manufacturing.

Write a 8 pages paper on sleepmore mattress manufacturing. The consideration of attributes in the order of their importance is vital for Sleepmore Mattress since they are to determine the attraction areas that will enhance the rapid growth of the firm (Ahmed 793). The rapid growth herein defines the vital aspect that is the success of the form and its acceptance into the market it operates (Clemen 86). Notably, to work effectively on the attributes towards elevating the company’s process, it was vital for the team involvement management to highlight vital objectives that would act as the reference point to the attributes. The same objectives for Lerho’s task are highlighted in table 1 below. The listed objectives led to the drafting of the attributes listed in Table 2 below.

Despite the above listing of the management, it is vital to understanding the main objectives of the entire process. The main objectives of this process include increasing productivity, profitability, and efficiency of operation in the company. This understanding narrows down all the listed objectives into two main working objectives that include maximizing manufacturing benefits and maximizing sale benefits. Under these two main objectives, labor, management effectiveness, facility (location, layout, and space), maximizing quality, and service are fundamental in setting on the four major attributes that must be considered in this assignment. Therefore, the major four attributes that must be given weight for this project include labor, quality, service, and space availability.

Just like mentioned by the vice president of the Sleepmore Mattress’ human resource, “Labor is the most important” attribute “because the quality of the labor determines the major aspects of the plant performance” including quality and profitability among others (Ahmed 793). Every business venture is always in existence to make a profit.

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