Write a 3 pages paper on freedom: choices, critical thinking, responsibility.

Write a 3 pages paper on freedom: choices, critical thinking, responsibility. Only the rich and the elite enjoyed diverse civil freedoms, such as political participation and access to education, while the rest of the working class and the poor had little to no freedoms. Women and the minority also rarely enjoyed freedoms before. Some people also now think that freedom simply means doing what they want, without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Their version of freedom can be considered as selfish and inconsiderate. My idea of freedom, however, does not revolve around the wants of the “self” alone, but includes a strong sense of accountability. Freedom includes interdependent actions, because each process is important in making the right choices in life. Freedom involves the interdependent process of having choices, using critical thinking to choose the right option, and being responsible for the choices people make. Freedom represents the process of having choices, because access to choices means that people can choose among a wide set of alternatives. There is no freedom if people are only left with a single choice. For instance, a communist government has created a single-school system, which teaches communist ideals, attitudes, and practices. Students will not have any other choice, which means that they have no freedom to choose other schools, and this is not freedom at all, because they have no freedom to choose. In addition, choices mean no restrictions.


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