Write 9 pages thesis on the topic solar energy: advantages and disadvantages of the system.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic solar energy: advantages and disadvantages of the system. The most reliable method to evaluate the efficiency of the solar energy converting system is to analyze the solar energy versus the energy converted by the system from solar energy. In general, solar photovoltaic panels are efficient enough to convert only 15% of the incident solar energy. However, the help of continuous research in the area helped develop the solar photovoltaic panels that can attain a maximum efficiency of more than 40%. It means that these solar PV panels and solar thermal panels are capable of converting 40% of the incident solar energy into a usable form of electrical current. Arrays of solar Panels are stacked to derive enough current to power a residential unit or even an industrial unit.

While comparing solar energy with respective other renewable and non-renewable energy resources, solar energy remains advantageous in most situations. Non-renewable energy resources like coal and oil, solar energy are not only cheaper but environment friendly too. Solar energy is free from hazardous emissions that are mostly associated with fossil fuel resources. Some of the prospective advantages of solar energy are given below.

Solar energy remains predictable as solar thermal power generation units remain functional throughout the day without any influence of external resources or fossil fuel resources. In the daytime, in the presence of the sun, solar energy directly converts the thermal content of the solar energy into electrical energy, while some content of this thermal energy is used to enhance the temperature of molten salt that remains hot for longer terns and used to generate electrical energy during the night.

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Solar energy is free from emissions that are associated with fossil fuel resources that solar energy is environment friendly and preserves the biodiversity of the planet by maintaining a healthy environment for humans and for the earthly creatures.


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