Write 9 pages thesis on the topic history of the terrorist group al-qaeda.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic history of the terrorist group al-qaeda. The organization labeled itself as an Islamic Military Force, the purpose of which was to ensure that the Islamic practices are followed in the true spirit, and military actions shall be taken against the community which either contradicted the Islamic practices or challenged the political objective of the Muslim countries and groups. The organization was named an Islamic outfit, which wanted to secure its political objective. The organization was joined bu “thousands of young Muslim aspirants who volunteered to fight against the Soviets as mujahedeen, warriors fighting to defend fellow Muslims”. Osama bin Laden was expelled from Saudi Arabia for his political agenda, and was then exiled from Sudan under American pressure. Osama Bin Laden was successful enough to gather the support of the government of Afghanistan and established his network in that country.

According to Derek (2005) “the organization initially attacked the U.S servicemen in Somalia, the attack was followed by the series of the deadly attack in the embassies of the United States in African countries”. The western interests were again targeted on 9/11, which was an open declaration of war against the United States and its allies. The allies of the United States in this war against terror included Britain, Canada, the European Union, NATO, Australia, and Pakistan. The allies offered their logistic, military, diplomatic, and financial support to the Americans, and hide-outs of Al-Qaeda were targeted. The locals of Afghanistan supported the war against terror and offered intelligence assistance to the armed forces. However, the moral of Al-Qaeda were high, the organization was swift and took an offensive stance, and the organization was successful to target the significant installations of financial, political, and social significance to the allied countries.

Al-Qaeda was not an international organization, and its operations were initially limited within Gulf region,&nbsp.however, the organization was able to form network with the Islamic radical groups based in different countries.

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