Write 7 pages with APA style on Policy, Team and Information Technology.

Write 7 pages with APA style on Policy, Team and Information Technology. These policies guide every stakeholder in the organization towards achieving organizational goals. Teams are temporary groups of individuals formed by organizations to achieve some particular objective (Malecki, 2013). The teams are dissolved once their mission is accomplished. Apart from policies and teamwork, modern organizations have also integrated information technology into their systems for better performance.

Organizations have sub-units that collectively help in realizing its mission. Departmental and enterprise systems are some of these subunits. These two systems have got a host of differences in their Information Systems (IS), and these differences have got wide-ranging implications on the organizational performance.

Technology is a very dynamic sector where innovation is at a high level, and there is a mass influx of new products into the market every single day. This pace of technological advancement has posed various challenges to organizational and departmental leaders who must keep abreast. (Chang & Wang, 2011). These leaders must integrate these emerging technologies into their systems to modernize how things are done. The organizations are structured in a hierarchical manner where the person at the top wields the most power. Everybody is expected to implement the policies within their jurisdiction down the hierarchy.

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According to Malecki (2013), enforcing policies do not go down well at times for organizations. The policy enforcement may be jeopardized because the changes in question may seem necessary to the top management, but the individuals down at the departmental levels may be out of touch with them. The departments fall under the organizations, and they get instructions from above, but they may lack the structures necessary to execute the group policies at their levels. For that matter, teamwork should be encouraged for efficient communication and policy delivery.


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