Write 6 pages thesis on the topic ethical issues with the artificial intelligence of computers.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic ethical issues with the artificial intelligence of computers. Additionally, to the level that ethics is a rational recreation, the artificial intelligence could easily outstrip human beings in the value of its ethical thinking. Therefore, it is the role of the AI designer to cite its initial motivation. Since the artificial intelligence may turn out to be inevitably influential due to its intellectual power and the technologies it could invent, it is should be provided with people friendly motivations. Discussion Artificial intelligence of the computer is a computer science field responsible for inventing machines that can participate in intelligent attributes. The capacity to invent intelligent devices has intrigued people since the traditional times, and currently with the creation of the computer, and several decades of study in the artificial intelligence programming techniques, the vision of intelligent devices are becoming a reality, (Poole & Mackworth, 2010). Additionally, researchers are inventing intelligent systems that can impersonate human thought, comprehend speech, outstrip the most intelligent human chess player and various other innovations never before possible. With these significant creations of artificial intelligence computers or machines, fascinating concerns have emerged. For instance, computer scientists, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists are concerned about the future and ethical implications of these advanced creations. Emerging concerns includes, first, will the value of human life advance with development of artificial intelligence or not? What are possible ethical implications of artificial intelligence of computers? Finally, what beneficial types of artificial intelligence should be invented and how they are applied? This paper seeks to investigate and provide solutions to these concerns. Artificial intelligence of computers seeks to enhance and promote the value of human life. Various positive results in the modern society can emanate with the utilization of artificial intelligence. For instance, intensive production and indirect reduced costs of production are evident in factories, industries and production lines. Operations better suited for machines have reduced errors and enhanced efficiency, for instance, the capacity to detect fraud and credit, (Berlatsky, 2011). Additionally, American Express and other institutions have invented an authoritarian assistant, which utilizes artificial intelligence to assess whether. a transaction is short of character for a card code. The authority assistant system is highly accurate compared to manual system, and it saves more time. Also, this and various, infinite other opportunities exist for employing artificial intelligence of devices to enhance efficiency. Artificial intelligence systems are being utilized to substitute human efforts in dangerous conditions. Artificial intelligence can withstand radioactive aspects and operate efficiently in conditions where there is restricted space and inadequate oxygen to inhale. This alternative will alleviate unwarranted life losses because of possible accidents and unsecure conditions. In addition, artificial intelligence seeks to enhance the lives of old people.


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