Working With Disaster Case Study

COU 680 Clarification of Intervention

Clarification of “Intervention” for Rubrics:

Throughout the course of this term, you will be asked to research and select empirically validated counseling treatment interventions appropriate to the case studies you have been provided. Treatment interventions are those cognitive, affective, behavioral, and systemic counseling strategies, techniques, and methods that are specifically implemented in the context of a therapeutic relationship. They should reflect the specific needs of the client and demonstrate clinical efficacy in addressing the targeted concern. For the purposes of this course, you will need to find journal articles that specifically target crisis and trauma interventions demonstrating clinical application to each specific case study. Select interventions from journal articles published within the past five years to ensure use of the most up-to- date resources.

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For assistance, consider the following as an example of an appropriate and empirically validated intervention article for working with clients who have suffered from domestic violence:

Binkley, E. (2013). Creative strategies for treating victims of domestic violence. Journal of Creativity in

Mental Health, 8(3), 305–313.