Why is microbiology important to health professionals?

Why is microbiology important to health professionals?
3. How does death by infection compare to death by warfare?
4. What issues surrounding antibiotic resistance are named?
5. What STD epidemics are named?
6. What websites contain excellent resources for this class?
Now answer these questions regarding the material contained on the Module 1 Home Page:
1. Complete this sentence: Infections have killed more humans than…
2. What is the difference between Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology?
3. Name the three defense mechanisms listed.
4. What is a pathogen?
5. What Host-Microbe relations are described?
6. Where do you find the assignments for all of your SLPs?
Cells are the smallest unit of life. All cells are bound by a cell membrane which separates the internal parts of the cell from the external environment.
For the final part of this Case assignment, describe cell theory (hint: there are three components). Briefly describe the work of two scientists that contributed to this theory. Be sure to include your references for this answer.
Watch this video about your cells and answer these questions:
What does the video say is the function of:
• Cytoskeleton
• mictochondria
Note: The assignment will require you to engage in independent research of cell theory. You will find information on scientists who contributed to this theory in your required reading for your SLP. You will also find additional resources on your ebrary bookshelf, such as the book, Cell Biology: Fundamentals and Applications, a great place to begin your investigation of cell theory and cell biology.
Your assignment is due by the Monday following the end of this module. Please upload your Case Assignment.

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