Which of the following statements about sexuality in American culture is  TRUE? 

A society in which different ethnic and racial groups are able to
maintain their own cultures and life-styles even as they gain equality in the
institutions of the larger society is a
a) totalitarian society,
b) melting pot society,
c) pluralistic society,
d) mass society.

__32. Racism and sexism are similar in that both are
a) ideologies of discrimination based on perceptions of superiority and
b) no longer significant problems in the US,
c) found only among uneducated people,
d) primarily associated with the rural south..

__33. After class and race, the two most important dimensions of inequality in
modern society are:
a) gender and age,
b) regionalism and education,
c) health and life-style,
d) sexual orientation and religion.

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__34. Which of the following statements about sexuality in American culture is
a) American views of the meaning and place of sexuality have remained
essentially unchanged over the past 30 years;
b) Changes in economics and politics have had no real effect on the private
matter of the perception of sexuality;
c) Sexuality continues to focus on insuring reproduction and social stability;
d) In contemporary culture sexual relations are seen to have more to do with
personal identity and individual happiness than with reproduction and parenting.

__35. The normative dominance of men over women in society is called:
a) sexual division of labor,
b) autocracy,
c) patriarchy,
d) matrifocal subservience.

__36. The last rite of passage an individual normally goes through is:
a) divorce,
b) death,
c) funeral,
d) retirement,
e) burial or cremation.

__37. A cohort is
a) a group of friends who maintain close relations throughout their lives,
b) the category of people of the general same age within a population,
c) elderly people who have been through the same stages of life together,
d) members of a secret society.

__38. The general benefit of the hospice movement is:
a) easing the dying process for an individual and their family and friends,
b) decreasing the expense of terminal illness,
c) the efficiency and sterility of the services provided,
d) keeping people alive longer.

__39. Which of the following is NOT among the functions of the family?
a) Social control of reproduction;
b) socialization of the new generation;
c) social placement of children in society;
d) ascription of social status;
e) redirection of conflict.

__40. If John left his small hometown in southern Mississippi and moved to
Detroit, where he found a good job in a large company with coworkers from many
different ethnic backgrounds, and then married the only female worker he met
there who also came from a small town in the South and whose family background
was similar to his, he would be practicing