Which of the following relaxation techniques is designed to calm the emotions?

Question 1.1.Julie provides information to Temea who provides information to Juan who provides information to Julie. This is an example of which type of communication network? (Points : 1)



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Question 2.2. Employees on the 7th floor go to lunch together and employees on the 2nd floor play together in a city basketball league. These examples demonstrate the importance of ____ in forming groups. (Points : 1)

emotional support

physical proximity

common interests


Question 3.3.

A situation in which a group becomes so cohesive and like-minded that it makes poor decisions by ignoring information relevant to the decision-making process is: (Points : 1)

individual dominance

social loafing


the devil’s advocate approach

Question 4.4.Which of the following is NOT associated with social inhibition or facilitation? (Points : 1)

Mere presence


Evaluation apprehension


Question 5.5. Berserkers typically: (Points : 1)

Give no warning

Use shotguns

Give indications about future violence

Take hostages

Question 6.6. Melba is under a great deal of pressure and seems to be feeling the effects of stress. Which of the following should she eliminate from her diet? (Points : 1)

Fruits and vegetables


Whole grains


Question 7.7. POWs who were isolated from other prisoners had a lower need to live than POWs housed with older soldiers. This negative emotional reaction demonstrates the need for: (Points : 1)


Common interest



Question 8.8. Larry is a junior at Raynes College and has trouble sleeping. He keeps worrying about not getting a job when he graduates and never finding the right person to marry. Larry’s stress might be the result of: (Points : 1)

perspective taking

residual stress

rampant diffusion


Question 9.9.Which of the following relaxation techniques is designed to calm the emotions? (Points : 1)


Abdominal breathing

Progressive muscle relaxation


Time management

Question 10.10. Employees with high role ambiguity will: (Points : 1)

have increased job satisfaction

become depressed

perform at higher levels

all three will result from role ambiguity

Question 11.11.The physical and psychological consequences to stress is called: (Points : 1)





Question 12.12.A difficult worker obsessed with completing a task quickly is classified as a _____, whereas one who dominates conversations and does not listen to other’s ideas is a _____. (Points : 1)

tank / know-it-all

know-it-all / tank

tank / sniper

sniper / know it all

Question 13.13. ____ employees take laptops, pagers, and cell phones with them on vacation so they can keep in touch with work. (Points : 1)

Very few (5%)

Some (30%)

Almost all (93%)

Most (60%)

Question 14.14. Bad, or negative stress is called: (Points : 1)





Question 15.15. When two or more people perform the same task in the presence of one another, the effect on the behavior is known as: (Points : 1)


Audience effect

Social inhibition

Evaluation apprehension

Question 16.16. Stress that is converted to positive energy is called: (Points : 1)





Question 17.17.____ refers to the extent to which group members are similar. (Points : 1)

Group cohesiveness

Group homogeneity

Stability of membership

Group status

Question 18.18. If an employee threatens another employee with violence, the employee should be: (Points : 1)

given a warning

sent home without pay for a day

forced to seek counseling


Question 19.19. People probably join a group such as a fraternity or sorority because of: (Points : 1)

needs for emotional support

common interests

common goals

need for assistance or help

Question 20.20.When employees feel stressed and take a “mental health day,” they: (Points : 1)

have a short-term decrease in stress

have a long-term decrease in stress

have no decrease in stress

actually have an increase in stress

Question 21.21.Liam makes “to do” lists and carefully plans his schedule. He is trying to reduce stress through: (Points : 1)

abdominal breathing

progressive muscle relaxation


time management

Question 22.22.Which of the following should a leader NOT do to reduce groupthink? (Points : 1)

Promote open discussion

Elicit outside information

Appoint someone as a devil’s advocate

Apply pressure on members to conform

Question 23.23. Because many employees provide elder care, approximately ____ of organizations provide company-sponsored elder care referral services and ____ provide a company-sponsored elder care facility. To help alleviate stress to their employees. (Points : 1)

20% / 1%

80% / 75%

5% / 1%

50% / 50%

Question 24.24.Because the average employee with a child misses ____ more days of work than employees without children, approximately _____ of organizations offer on-site child care centers. (Points : 1)





Question 25.25. A person who manages conflict by ignoring it is using a(n) ____ style whereas someone who always gives in to others and risks hurting himself uses a(n) ____ style for handling conflict. (Points : 1)

accommodating / avoiding
avoiding / collaborative

avoiding / accommodating

avoiding / compromising

Question 26.26. Most incidents of workplace violence are the result of: (Points : 1)

another crime is being committed

violence against law enforcement personnel

jilted lovers

angry employees who were fired

Question 27.27. A manager wants to increase the quality of his employee’s decisions. He should have: (Points : 1)

some of them work in groups

them work individually

them work in groups

none of these three answers will matter
Question 28.28. Bill is an excellent typist, Fred is average, and John is just learning to type. If an audience started to watch them type, we would expect ____ to do better and ____ to do worse. (Points : 1)

Bill / John

John / Fred

Fred / Bill

Fred / John

Question 29.29._ ___ refers to the extent to which group members like and trust one another. (Points : 1)

Group cohesiveness

Group cohesiveness

Group homogeneity

Stability of membership

Group status

Question 30.30. Which of the following group roles encourages group cohesiveness and group participation? (Points)