What rights are enumerated in the text of the Fourteenth Amendment, and why were the promises made therein so important?

DQ 1:

What rights are enumerated in the text of the Fourteenth Amendment, and why were the promises made therein so important?


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The year is 2005. You and your family live in California. It’s another Sunday afternoon and you drive out to Uncle Billy and Aunty Mary’s home for Sunday dinner with family and friends. While helping to set the table, you smell a strange odor from an upstairs bedroom. You investigate and find Aunty Mary in her bedroom smoking marijuana. She reports the sad news she and Uncle Billy had hoped to keep from the family: she has been stricken by a terrible disease.

According to California law, however, her doctor recently prescribed medical marijuana. To her surprise it has greatly helped to stimulate her failing appetite. Aunty Mary says, “I can’t believe I’m a dope-smoking-granny, but there you go. This helps me more than all those fancy medicines that made me sick to my stomach.” She expresses her gratitude to the California state legislature for making medical marijuana legal.

She knows that you are taking a course in the U.S. Constitution from the University of Phoenix. She also knows that the Supreme Court recently decided the case Gonzalez v. Raich that concerns California’s law permitting prescription of medical marijuana. She reports, “I tried to read the case, but it’s all gobbledygook and legalese to me. Why can’t they just write in plain English?”

So she asks you to help explain to her whether the federal Supreme Court’s decision will override the California law that permitted her doctor to prescribe the medical marijuana. She says, “Back in civics class in highschool, they told us all about living under two sovereign governments, and something about federalism. But it’s been so long…”

And she tells you, “I’m a tough old bird, so give it to me straight, can I keep puffing up here? Or do I have to go back to those nasty medicines?”39672.821721956

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