What is the mechanism through which public health is affected?

There are several independent governmental organizations that monitor public health around the world including the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each of these organizations maintains a Web site that publishes assessments of the most urgent public health problems.
In this assignment, you will summarize information on a public health issue of your choice.

Access the Web site of one of the following organizations, and identify a major public health issue (global or regional) that, in your opinion, is a priority issue that needs to be addressed.

CDC—United States
WHO—United Nations
Department of Health—United Kingdom
Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
Department of Health—South Africa
Department of Health—Ireland
Ministry of Health—China
National Institute of Public Health—Mexico
Ministry of Health—Belize
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare—India

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Based on the information available on the Web site you reviewed, create a presentation focusing on a public health issue of your choice. In your presentation, do the following:

Describe the technical details about your public health issue.

What is the mechanism through which public health is affected?
How long has this been a problem?
Is this problem caused by humans or is it naturally occurring?

Identify whether the environment affects this issue. If yes, how?
Identify the population affected.

List the geographical areas affected by this problem today and those areas affected by this issue in the past.
If other countries have attempted to control or mitigate this issue, what strategies and methods did they employ? Were they successful in their attempts?

Describe how experts are addressing this issue. Consider, for example, the following questions as they potentially relate to your selected topic:

Are there any new vaccines available that can help?
Will clean water solve this issue? If so, what systems or infrastructure are necessary to ensure clean water for this region?
How are public health officials monitoring the progression of this issue?

Be sure that your presentation addresses all of the above points. In addition, make note of the following:

Use APA formatting for your presentation and use college-level writing skills.
Organize your presentation, check your grammar, ensure your information flows logically, and check that your final product demonstrates unity and coherence.
Support your statements with scholarly references.
Prepare one slide, at the end of your presentation, as a reference slide.
Use the speaker notes function to include remarks for each slide as though you were actually giving this presentation to an audience.

Develop a 10-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format, excluding the introduction and reference slides. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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