what is the human soul

Dss and bi | CS857 Business Intelligence | Colorado Technical University
June 11, 2021
campaign for yogurt brand tagerting uk market 3 000 words 6 pages 1 5 spaced
June 11, 2021

Synthesis paper more so than a reflection paper

Statement Introduction

5 arguments

5 counterarguments

5 examples

Statement conclusion

*Do not start paper with phrase or historical information

*Quotes/citations in footnote

*do not go beyond the readings required: Plato- Five Dialogues, Plato- Republic (Oxford 2009), Aristotle, De Anima, (Penguin Classics 1987), Augustine- Confessions (Hackett 2006), Aquinas- Summa of the Summa (Ignatius Press 1990)


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