What is the elastic rebound theory?

It is important that the stakeholders are able to answer yes to questions 1, 2, and 4, and have adequate policies and procedures in place.  This will reveal whether or not the stakeholders are able to provide appropriate care to all children. If they are not able to answer yes and do not have policies and procedures in place than they could be setting themselves up for disaster. Early intervention programs are more effective when the caregivers receive better training and are college educated (Rand Labor & Population, 2005).
Ciara post  Growing up obese myself, the obesity epidemic has always been hard and uncomfortable to talk about. Although I’ve never been big on eating fast food and I hate sodas, I’ve always been plus size and it’s always been a struggle for me. When I watch videos like these, it makes me wonder what exactly am I putting in my body. From the outside looking in, I actually eat pretty healthy but nowadays even healthy food is bad for you. Food is so processed and chemically altered that there’s no wonder people are obese and having to medicate obesity related issues which in turn makes the pharmaceutical companies lots of money. Obesity is definitely one huge problem and it doesn’t make sense that more hasn’t been done about it. “You are what you eat” will always be true and if you aren’t fueling your body with the right things, you won’t feel right.
Kelly post
The surgeon general was absolutely right when mentioning that the “most pressing issue” was obesity.  He said it best.  It is the Killer Within.  As you can see by the graph of America, since 1985 the obesity rate has skyrocketed.As we look at what obesity does to our bodies, it is clear to see that our life expectancy will suffer as well.  It seems we are raising a generation of children to only die young.When looking at what obesity does to a body, the list is so long.    The long term affects on the integumentary system can include resistance of insulin in your body, and eventually a person can get diabetes or further conditions.  Skin conditions related to obesity can include changes in collagen structure. Collagen forms the structure of the skin and helps in wound healing.  Other issues can include increased acne, profuse sweating and a decrease in blood circulation.  Obesity also raises the risk of fatty liver disease, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis and certain cancers.   Deteriorating bone density and muscle mass is another side effect of increase weight.   The inability to move the joints and tendons in the body due to trying to carry additional weight.  This will lead to Osteoarthritis and the breakdown of bone density due to fatty lipids in the body.
How does diet and lifestyles affect the integumentary, skeletal, and muscular system? no specific words amount just answer it thoroughly.  Why is most of the volcanic activity in the United States located in the Pacific West region? What features of the Hawaiian Islands are explained by plate tectonics? Do the features of the Hawaiian Islands make a good or a poor case for plate tectonics? Why? If you understand how the Hawaiian Islands were formed geologically, can you determine the relative age of the islands? How accurate would your determination be?

What is the elastic rebound theory? 100 words

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