What is policy making in the health care?

The aim of this essay is to focus on management and how managers operate within the context of health and social care. As well the processes in which they operate when making decisions in relation to the needs of client, the importance of policy and practice. Attention will also be made to the way decisions are made within health and social care. In terms of this, a case study of the areas that will be a focus point is ‘contextual factor’ ‘policy making’ and case study. To address the problem the paper will cover the following spectrum, definition of the main problem in the case study, management roles, contextual factor, policy making in health and social care, objective goals and finally how management make decisions.
The term contextual factor is define as a frame work, the process in which a work is carry out, Working together with the frame work also identify it as an important characteristics within the environment . It is related to the effectiveness and includes limited to physical and structural setting of the community and the environment. For example, resources available in the community and the social contest.
What is policy making in the health care?
Policies allow for the implementation of services to companies that address public issues, including the Government State of affairs, private organisation and other companies regulation, it also include decision making and actions taken. These structures help with management technique and strengthen the tool in improving health care, which formulate part of the decision making policy. ‘Health care Policy is a network of interrelated decisions which together form an approach or strategy in relation to practical issues concerning health care delivery’ (Barker 2000).
Management plays an important role in making sure all members of the team perform and working together, to make the job vibrant by communicating and making the best decision possible for service users, (Quality care commission 2011). Managers are responsible for taking action which makes it possible for individuals to make their best contributions in groups for objective achievements (Hunter 2007).
Managers are also expected to ensure and implement the service to a company, for example the National Health Services (NHS) team within the NHS included a hole house of professional people include, polices making many Doctors and Nurses who play a key role management role leading their team of people who managers. Each team member working together to achieve gold set that need to be accomplishes (NHS 2011).
The aim is to identify, assist and address the problems associated with Mrs B, and decision making. Organization that are involved in making decision in regards to Mrs B case, team members involved with Mrs B, support the social service. The fundamental factor in good management team is all about communication which is very important when making decision all departments coming together to implement a service that needed to into put practice (Department of health 2007).
In the case of Mrs. B a 75 year old lady, she was taken into St. Luke’s hospital due to a fall at home. Due to the fall Mrs B. suffered a broken hip, and needed an operation. The operation was successful and Mrs. B. was giving the all clear and wanted to return home for a full recover.

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