What are the benefits and drawbacks of treating an adolescent substance user in an inpatient facility?

Topic 2 Case Study: Cami

Cami is a 16- year-old Hispanic female presenting for an assessment for mental health issues, accompanied by her mother, Dolores. Cami was recently seen by a school counselor because of symptoms related to suicidal thoughts and a possible eating disorder. Cami was observed by one of her friends at school texting another friend about an anorexia website. Cami has a history of going out at night with friends and she comes home under the influence. According to Cami’s mother, Dolores, she is not sure what her daughter is taking and concerned about the use of both alcohol and possibly other types of drugs.

Cami lives with her mother and father, and has two2 brothers, ages 22 and 25 years old. Cami also has one1 younger sister, 13 years old. Cami is a junior in high school and her grades are average. Cami’s mother indicates concern about Cami getting into disputes and fights in school and she allows Cami to decide if she wants to go to school or not. There is reported substance use disorder in the family history and also, Cami’s maternal grandmother committed suicide. Cami is close to her oldest brother, Jose and reports that she leaves school and stays at her brother’s apartment sometime when she doesn’t want to go home.

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Please reflect on the following as you study this case:

1. Assessment needs in context of developmental stages, suicidal thoughts and mental health issues, familial relationships, eating disorder behaviors, substance use, and academic participation.

2. The types of assessments used as part of the diagnostic interview.

3. Identify significant factors that are associated with Cami’s substance use.



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