What are some of the best practices in implementing self-service applications and what are also some of the common errors?

What are some of the best practices in implementing self-service applications and what are also some of the common errors?

HR portals should be user friendly and reliable, have features that will enhance communication and have accurate information. Hr portals should increase worker and managerial productivity by allowing users an efficient way to communicate and complete tasks without having to “wait in line” to have an HR administrative person input information into files that the manager or employee can do themselves.

Hr portals can also provide a way to enhance employee skill set by having training sites the employees can log into and learn new skills or complete career enhancing training when it is convenient for them.

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Common problems with HR portals can include cumbersome systems that are hard to use or are not well supported thus making them less likely to be utilized by both management and the employees.

According to the text that while many employees use Hr portals to check on or enroll in benefit plans, update statuses (such as changing addresses, adding personal data) they underutilized the skill enhancement and training opportunities provided on HR portals.


Would you recommend one of these platforms at a current or previous employer?


Why? Explain your answer by using material from our reading assignment this week.

I would recommend using an HR portal at one of the larger veterinary hospitals I worked at because according to the text HR portals can be utilized by employees to do CBTs (computer based training) to improve skill sets and can also be used for educational purposes. As a veterinary technician it is very important to be aware of new veterinary products and techniques, learn new ways to help with client education, be aware of current public health policies and participate in continuing education programs. Having this information available on a portal would save time and money for the practice and provide valuable training on demand to veterinary staff.

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