What      are common controversies in science and health education in the United      States?

Abnormal Psychology
Question 1
Serial Killers
The United States has been home to some of the most famous and vicious serial killers in the history of mankind. Many of our most recent serial killers have well documented cases.
Review a serial killer from the U.S. in the last 50 years that has been or was diagnosed with one of the personality disorders described in the chapter.
In your 1-2 paragraph discussion you will identify the serial killer, provide the personality disorder, and provide historical descriptions of his/her behaviors that support that diagnosis. You will also provide a brief summary of the diagnostic criteria for that diagnosis.
Following your 1-2 paragraph description you will need to discuss your opinion on whether or not psychological treatment should be made available for these types of criminals. Why or why not?
Question 2
After reading chapter 9 and watching the video “Are the Voices in the Genes—Schizophrenia”, Write a 1 page paper looking at the genetic factors involved in schizophrenia.
Specifically, discuss the findings of family studies, twin studies and adoption studies and what they suggest about the genetic component of schizophrenia.
Introduction to Sociology II
Question 3
Science and the American Public
In 500 words, answer the following four questions using the information from Chapters 8 and 14 along with your own research on science education in your community and in the United States.

What      did you find when you researched science education in your community?;
What      are common controversies in science and health education in the United      States?;
Is the      teaching of scientific theories, such as evolution, restricted and if so,      why do you think this is so?;
What      is the social impact of restricting scientific education and limiting the      information students receive about evolution, time dating of the earth,      fossil records, human sexual functioning, and so forth?

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