Unit One Discussion

Using the Unit 1 Discussion Excel workbook, generate your random data set. The data set you create will represent the IQs of a sample of 30 people.Using the data set that you generated in Excel and the Data Analysis Toolpak (see the video on “Adding the Data Analysis Toolpak” in the LiveBinder), calculate the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, range, minimum, and maximum. Also, watch the video “How to Make a Histogram in Excel” (also in the LiveBinder) to help you make a histogram of these data, and then answer the following questions:

  1. Insert your descriptive statistics output from Excel within your response (see “How to Use A Snipping Tool” video in the LiveBinder).
  2. Insert your histogram from Excel within your response using the snipping tool.
  3. What do the following measures of center tell us about the IQs in the data set (be specific and include the values in your discussion – up to three decimal places): (i) mean (ii) median (iii) mode?
  4. Does the mean appear to be similar or different from the median? Why do you think that is so in the context of IQ scores?
  5. What is the standard deviation (give the actual value – up to three decimal places), and what does it tell us about the IQ scores in the data set?
  6. Describe the shape of the histogram and how it relates to the descriptive statistics you calculated. Be sure to express your thoughts in the context of IQ scores.
  7. How might the information in this IQ scores data set be useful, for example, to a teacher in a classroom? Can you think of any other applications for it?
  8. Make sure to attach the Excel file to your post.

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