ubmit a 500 words paper on the topic Time for an Organizational Change. Time for an Organizational Change

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Time for an Organizational Change. Time for an Organizational Change

According to recent research on the need for change in organizations, the likelihood of organizational change is likely to increase in many organizations. Bradford and Burke (2005) attribute this change to new developments in technology that force the managers to change the structures and functioning of their organizations. There is now need to store information online for faster and easier management of records, amongst other changes. Employees also need to feel comfortable in their areas of work, leading to the management doing all it can to make the organizations suit the needs of workers. With globalization taking toll, organizations are left with no option but work towards achieving market goals and objectives of the market. Change is, therefore, part and parcel of organizational life.

This case study will highlight organizational change in a hospital of using electrical method of storing records in the hospital and how this method has impacted the working conditions of nurses in the hospital. Prior to the enactment of these changes in the organization, the hospital’s management recorded numerous casers of misplaced files and documents that were of crucial benefit to the hospital.

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Nurses were also facing a difficult time trying to trace files and documents of various patients, especially the ones who had not frequented the hospital in recent years. When these patients turned up to the hospital, nurses could not easily trace their file and medical history in the hospital. The hospital administrator felt that it would be better to have an electronic method of storing data that would not only assist the nurses in their jobs but also offer the best medical care to their patients.

The decision by the administrator connects to other departments of the hospital in many ways. In terms of hierarchy of needs, this is the best decision that the administrator would have made. There is a dire need to change the hospital’s structure completely for smooth running of activities. On a humanistic point of view, there is a need to enhance the workers of the hospital by exposing them to new skills of recording data (Wolper 2004). Though there may be a need to bring in new employees into the hospital, the administrator has done a great job in steering the hospital towards change.

The structure of the organization may change on the basis of new systems being put in place to suit the change. There may be no need for more shelves in the hospital or large cabinets to hold the files. Health and Havering (2002) indicate that there may be confusion for the first few months, but the nurses are likely to adjust to the changes with time. The organization’s culture of doing things will undoubtedly change, with the nurses forced to work with the new system of storing data electronically. The nurses have to learn the skills of using the electronic method, in order to have an easier time in the work place.

Many fixations have occurred in the hospital. As a nurse, I am forced to work under new bosses who are more conversant with the functioning of the new system. I am also forced to attend evening classes- outside my working hours- that enlighten us on the new technology. Without this, I am likely to lose my job, getting a new work place will be difficult as contemporary bosses require people who are conversant with new technologies.


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