Throughout the semester, each team will lead the class in an online discussion o

Throughout the semester, each team will lead the class in an online discussion of real-world business cases to highlight the content from the textbook and to hone critical thinking skills.
Teams will choose a company and research any current problems they feel the organization has.
They will diagnose and research the problem.
This is not a report on the company, but instead a way to engage your classmates in the problems and solutions that are relevant to the organization and its stakeholders.
You may use A LIMITED NUMBER of PowerPoint slides to guide the discussion, and you may use media to highlight particularly interesting things about your assigned company.
Please see the rubric on Canvas for grading criteria.
Think of this assignment as legwork on a consulting opportunity on which your firm wants to bid. In such a situation, the team of consultants must show an understanding of the company, its current state, and potential future challenges.
You will be graded upon your ability to pose interesting and probing questions to the class to generate discussion around the firm’s competitive advantage.
Having teams post a laundry list of capabilities is NOT acceptable – instead, you should offer innovative ideas for moving the firm forward.
This is also not an exercise on SWOT or VRIO – your team should do those analyses prior to the discussion, not plan on leading the class through such analyses.

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