the medical causes of infant mortality

This week, you will study research into the medical causes of infant

Using reputable article from any source, select and read five articles in
peer-reviewed journals such as Journal ofEpidemiology, Journal of
Environment Health, and the Journal of Applied Epidemiologyregarding
medical causes of infant mortality.

Write an annotated bibliography of the five articles, which should include a
one-page summary of each article. Write an original summary; do not merely copy
the abstract. In your summary, include the following:

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  1. The study’s hypothesis or objective.
  1. The study’s methodological approach.
  1. The study’s pertinent findings.
  1. The study’s conclusions.

In another two pages, bring together what you learned about the causes of
infant mortality. Rank the causes by order of importance as you see it.

Present all your work in a Word document formatted in the APA style. Cite the
articles in the correct format.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum
Stated the hypothesis or objective
of each study.
Described the
methodological approach of each study.
Summarized the findings of each
Summarized the
conclusions of each study.
Synthesized the
conclusions of all studies to describe and rank causes of infant mortality.
Presented a structured document
free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Properly cited sources
using the APA format.
Total: 60

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