The benefits of telehealthcare outweigh its shortcoming, and it is thus wise to adopt it in the delivery of care with advancement in technologies.


Research Topic 

Is telehealthcare a good option for nursing homes?

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The benefits of telehealthcare outweigh its shortcoming, and it is thus wise to adopt it in the delivery of care with advancement in technologies.


Choose one of the sources you will be utilizing in your final paper.

Using one passage from that source, provide an example of a quotation, an example of a paraphrase, and an example of a summary from that passage. Try to choose a passage of 50–100 words.

Use the same passage for your quote, paraphrase, and summary.

Clearly identify your quotation, paraphrase, and summary to avoid confusion.

Finally, include the reference list citation for the source you used.

In a separate paragraph, discuss the differences between quotations, paraphrases, and summaries. Identify when these types of methods might be more appropriate, and discuss how you think you might incorporate quotations, paraphrases, and summaries into your research paper.

This are the sources:

Dorsey, E. R., & Topol, E. J. (2016). State of telehealth. New England Journal of Medicine, 375(2), 154-161.

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Lunney, M., Lee, R., Tang, K., Wiebe, N., Bello, A. K., Thomas, C., … & James, M. T. (2018). Impact of Telehealth Interventions on Processes and Quality of Care for Patients With ESRD. American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Polinski, J. M., Barker, T., Gagliano, N., Sussman, A., Brennan, T. A., & Shrank, W. H. (2016). Patients’ satisfaction with and preference for telehealth visits. Journal of general internal medicine, 31(3), 269-275.

Wade, V. A., Taylor, A. D., Kidd, M. R., & Carati, C. (2016). Transitioning a home telehealth project into a sustainable, large-scale service: a qualitative study. BMC health services research, 16(1), 183.

**** If you have different source to add, you can use it as well****

Remember not older than 2 years. Thanks

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