The Audit Analysis


You are preparing for a challenging City Council meeting. You need to be able to give the other council members and the mayor an accurate state of affairs to make sure significant cuts can be made in the appropriate areas, and other critical areas can continue to be funded. Select an agency or a program from your local city to analyze the financial plan to respond to the following questions in a 4–5 page paper:
1. Evaluate a budget or financial plan of your local city agency or program. Title this section Financial Plan.
2. Propose one issue for improvement for the budget or financial plan of the agency or program. Title this section Improvement.
3. Develop a budget proposal for the improvement issue. Title this section Budget Proposal.
o Justify your recommendations.
4. Distinguish the similarities and differences between the federal, the state, and the local budget submission process. Title this section Federal, State, and Local Submission Process.

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