submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Communication Mechanisms of the TCP/IP Model.

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic The Communication Mechanisms of the TCP/IP Model. Datagram Protocol UDP, and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTP for originating a request to move it to the next level, i.e. transport layer. After receiving the request, the transport layer constructs the header and fills the packet with data prior to transfer the data packet to the next layer, i.e. the network layer. Likewise, the network layer will assign the IP address to the data packet received as an input from the previous layer. Moreover, the assigned IP address will redirect the data packet to its destination, i.e. Ethernet. So far, the TCP/IP model has been discussed briefly along with its functions and associations with each layer. Similarly, protocol layering is addressed in fig 1.3, as it demonstrates the functionality of layer to layer and Protocol Data Units PDU’s along with packet headers while accessing X stream from home or a remote location. By addressing four layers of the TCP/IP model, four PDU’s will be considered on each layer. As the request or message originates again from the application layer that is considered as the fourth layer of the TCP/IP model. Likewise, the four PDUs are abbreviated as 1-PDU, 2-PDU, 3-PDU and 4-PDU. The fourth layer, i.e. an application layer that is also called a high layer, establishes a message or request donated by’. Likewise, the message comprises many parameters that need to be filled by the application end depending on the criteria set. For instance, a traditional message or request may consist of parameters such as the type of message and related data. The message or request from the home computer or a remote location is transmitted as a message’.



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