submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Material and Manufacturing Process Selection.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Material and Manufacturing Process Selection. The strength to weight ratio is an important factor to identify the quality of the material. The major properties of carbon fiber are its solidity, its high strength, and most importantly very low weight as compared to traditional metallic material, the carbon fiber properties also include a high tolerance for temperature and low thermal expansions (Omar, 2011). The traditional Metallic materials, which are used in the automotive industry, include steel, aluminum, and magnesium. The traditional metallic material is more costly and heavy. The fuel consumption of the vehicles, which are manufactured based on traditional metallic material, is higher. Therefore the traditional metallic material is more costly than carbon fiber composite. The traditional metallic material is heavy in nature and less efficient from the perspective of fuel consumption because of heavyweight, the weight to size ratio is less suitable for the product (Rehkopf, 2012 ).

3. The production cost of carbon fiber reinforced polymer is relatively high as compared to traditional metallic material but it is commonly preferred in newly manufactured automotive products because of high strength to weight ratio

1. It can be easily consumed by all types of excavation machinery. Therefore, the anisotropy is also known as the Anchors, which are removable. In other words, these are known as “Removable Anchor” (Newnahm, 2004).

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All of the above issues are associated with anisotropy and all such issues can be addressed by investigating the electric properties of Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, such investigation may provide the solution to the issues associated with the anisotropic nature of CFRP (Mackay, 2010). The electrical properties of CFRP may lead to generate the nonremoval anchor and stops the prevention of static electricity. The utilization of identified properties of CFRP may prevent the discharge or erosion of waste material, which may eventually stop the malfunctioning of CFRP

Vehicle manufacturing rising concern these days is affordability or cost-effective production.


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