submit a 1500 words paper on the topic MARKETING.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic MARKETING. 24 to 32 km/hr. It has been apparently observed that the usage of e-bikes has been increased drastically in recent business context. This is owing to the reason that e-bikes deliver extreme mobility as well as health benefits to the disable or older people. Moreover, the e-bikes have become a better substitute for cars that is quite cost-efficient as well as effective. It has been viewed that the business market of e-bikes is growing tremendously in Australia that is mostly used by the youths, older people and retirees among others as an effective transportation system. With regard to determine the current market situation in Australia, it has been viewed that the regulatory authorities belonging to Australia have challenged towards the execution of e-bikes. It is obvious to the fact that e-bikes consume considerable portion of energy in comparison with any conventional bike (Electric Vehicles Pty Ltd., 2010).

Market Description

With regard to determine the market situation of e-bikes in Australia, it has been viewed that the growth rate of the usage of bicycles amid the people aged 9 and above has been recorded to 37.5% which is quite less as compared to previous 25 years. Moreover, it has also been observed that the intensification of bicycle trips has reached to a level of 20.9% which is nearly a third of population growth in Australia (Scribeworks, 2011).

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On the basis of the above discussion, it can be stated that Stealth Electric Bicycle should introduce its broad assortment of products in the business market of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia concerning the market situation of e-bikes and presence of the chief market competitors. Product Review The different products of Stealth Electric Bicycles can be reviewed by focusing upon certain important dimensions that include Frame, Motor, Transmission and Front Suspension. Frame One of the products of Stealth Electric Bicycles is Fighter Electric Bike which is improved by alertness and of less weight in structure. Accordingly, the frame is smaller and less heavy in comparison to other products like Bomber. The Fighter electric bikes also claim a less weight in swing and torque arms with adaptable wheelbase for comfortable riding (Stealth Electric Bikes USA, 2011) Motor The company manufactures the DC hub brushless motor having only a single stirring part which is between the motor and the ground that facilitates control, efficiency and reliability without sound radiation (Stealth Electric Bikes USA, 2011) Transmission Pedal power of Fighter electric bikes is conducted through gearing interior support from bottom. gear shifting that provide a speed from low to high. The floating drive train eradicates the requirement of maintenance and provides less sound effects as well as increases efficiency of the pedal power (Stealth Electric Bikes USA, 2011) Front Suspension The company provides the facet of front suspension in all of its products especially for the riders who are adventurous. It aims to develop its customer base by introducing such quality features in its every product (Stealth Electric Bikes USA, 2011). Competitive Review The competitors in the markets of Australia relating to e-bikes are many. The competitors in the bicycle industry include Australian Electric Vehicles and Electric Bicycle Co. that provides ample competition in the market.


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