STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS HEALTH CARE DILEMMA Financing health care in the US has been an ongoing problem.  Several countries around the world have a government-sponsored single-payer system, while others have no insurance support.  Among those that have a single-payer system, some simply treat the government portion as an insurance payment system, while others have a fully run government system, with doctors and medical personnel hired by the government, and hospitals owned by the government.  The US has perhaps the most complicated system, with uninsured, company-insured, and government-insured all partaking of the private, public, nonprofit, and for-profit system.  Competing committees have been formed to determine how the dilemma might be solved in the years ahead.  Your task is to present background information and a plan for the future.  Consider the following: 1.  Find some general information on the Federal Budget. How does it breakdown? How fast is it increasing — absolutely, as a percent of GDP, and in historical terms? Which categories in the breakdown have been increasing, which decreasing? 2.  Study the demographics of the population over the next few decades.  How do birthrates and death rates affect health care costs?  In the view of health care providers, what are some problems with Medicare re-imbursements and re-imbursement rates?  3.  What aspects of health care are causing the highest rate of cost increase?  What are some ideas for controlling these?  How can universal health care be funded?  Give several ideas.4.  Study the health care systems used by other countries.  Be careful not to treat government-supported health care systems in other countries all the same.  For example, be specific about what you mean if you say “socialized medicine.” What are the drawbacks and advantages of using those systems?  What portion of health care costs are due to administrative costs in those countries? How satisified are the citizens of those countries…


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